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OMR Solution

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Modern OMR Technology is a special type of OMR software that is used in evaluating MCQ answer sheet with 100% accuracy rate. It visions to subdue the traditional OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) machine which always bears the high risk of error. As opposed to traditional OMR device, the Modern OMR Technology ensures 100% accuracy and transparency in evaluation process.

Basic Operation

Like our Optical Counting System (OCS), Modern OMR Technology is also a combination of high speed scanners and Modern OMR Software running on a Laptop or desktop computer. Initially, the scanner scans all the MCQ sheets to convert them into images; then the images are saved into computer and finally the Modern OMR Software processes them to generate the final merit list within the time of a simple mouse click.


Where used OMR ?

It has a vast application arena. Some of the common types are as follows:

  • Educational institutions i.e. Schools, Colleges and Universities etc for Admission test papers process,or result process.
  • Recruitment process in Bank, Insurance Company, Govt. /Private Organization and NGOs etc.
  • Conducting survey