Aparajeyo Dictionary *PRO*

Aparajeyo Dictionary is the first Bangla Dictionary that comes with the mega offline database. This dictionary software works fully offline. Through its works fully offline but its features can be extended by connecting online. Such as increasing vocabulary database update, google translate feature, and connect with many other online databases.

Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO is a user-friendly bangla dictionary is a fully offline Bangla to English and English to Bangla dictionary, with a very large database

Neatly organized GUI

The graphic interface of the application is organized in tabs, meant to help you make the most of its features. This way, even users with little PC skills can still work on their Bengali knowledge.

The main tab is where you can type the word you are looking to translate from English to Bengali. You can get its meaning, find out what part of speech it is. Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO also allows you to perform a Google search right from within the app.