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Aparajeyo Bangla Express – Dictionary

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Use this simplistic Bangla to English and English to Bangla offline dictionary that comes with support for virtual keyboards and should improve your vocabulary

While educational resources have increased in both quality and quantity, and new techniques put a lot of emphasis on interactive learning, the dictionary remains irreplaceable when trying to figure out how a foreign language works.

Aparajeyo Bangla Express – Dictionary is a lightweight program whose purpose is to help you translate words from Bengali to English and the other way around.

Bangla to English and English to Bangla dictionary

First of all, users should know that the set of features the application packs is rather modest, and only the basic characteristics of a dictionary are offered.

To be more specific, the software utility is capable of translating words you can either type or paste in the dedicated box, with the language you opt for being automatically detected. Still, there is also the option to manually select the original language.

If the word you are trying to translate is in Bangla, for ease of use, support for a virtual keyboard is provided so that you can increase your productivity.

Educational tool packing a modest set of features

Regarding the application’s performance, users should know that translations are carried out instantly, with the resulting words being displayed at the bottom of the main window. Still, that’s about it in terms of output, so you won’t get any morphological classifications, explanations, and other relevant details about the words you have looked for.

Still, what you do get is the possibility of initiating a Google search at a click of the mouse as well as comparing your results with those provided by Google Translate.

On an ending note, Aparajeyo Express – Dictionary comes to the aid of users trying to enhance their language skills. The program can translate words from Bangla to English and from English to Bangla, but its capabilities are rather limited, and there is no context for what you are learning.


Download Bangla Dictionary (EN to BN & BN to EN)